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Rich's Chess Tournaments Omaha
These Chess Tournaments are the Gesture of Peace

Rich's Pledge

Shabazz Chess Tournament Omaha 2015   Sunday May 3rd

I am looking for Players 18 or older.
No USCF membership required.
Downtown near lots of bus lines.
Street parking and a pay lot at 15th & Harney.

 Dr Shabazz
I placed some fresh flowers from Patricks Market on the Memorial for Officer Orozco 2015-05-26 Tue 11:02ct

Thank you Mike Klemmensen for attending the August 10th Meet & Greet !
We are meeting Sundays 10:00am at the Culprit Cafe 16th & Farnam
The next Meet & Greet will be October 18th .

We will attend the 12-19-Sat afternoon showing at Marcus Midtown [ MarcusTheatres.com ]
Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens [ IMDb.com/title/tt2488496 ]

Rounds   [ Rules & Equipment ]

Spectators   are welcome and pay no fee.
Food & Drink are available !

Seeking   Sponsors   for the Tournaments 2015




Please contact :

rich@rcto.us   or send text to   402 - 955 - 9144

Magnus Carlsen defeated Vishy Anand for The FIDE World Championship on Friday November 22nd 2013 :

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The Meet & Greet 2015-08-02 Sun Players from Bosnia at the Culprit Cafe :
 Rich Todd Rachel

The Meet & Greet 2014-10-19 Sun for my birthday at the Culprit Cafe :
 Rich Todd Rachel

The Meet & Greet with my Dad 2014-09-14 Sun at the Culprit Cafe :
 Anjane Dad Rich  4320w X 3240h

 Harvard  Harvard  Danka  Jessica | 13th Street Coffee  Jessica | Ikeda Chess Tournament Omaha 2011  Jessica | Wildemar Chess Tournament Omaha 2011  Jessica | Shabazz Chess Tournament Omaha 2011

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 Jessica | 13th Street Coffee  Jessica | 13th Street Coffee  Rich | SuperBowl 2012 | Danielle Palafox

2015-09-13 Sun 11:34 ct