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This Chess Tournament is in honor of Dr Abdulalim Abdullah Shabazz
 Dr Abdulalim Abdullah Shabazz  DrAAS.info  Dr Abdulalim Abdullah Shabazz Malcolm X Birthsite

Dr Shabazz supported these Chess Tournaments as a Gesture of Peace because he was a Man of Peace !

The Shabazz Chess Tournament Omaha 2015
Sunday May 3rd

$300.00   1st Place Prize   Joe Knapp
$100.00   2nd Place Prize   Courtney Houston
$50.00     3rd Place Prize   Dennis Zongker
$20.00     4th Place Prize   Johnnie Wilson
                5th Place           Maggie Douglas
                6th Place           Don
                7th Place           Rich Merwin

 Joe Knapp  Maggie Douglas  Dennis Zongker  Courtney Houston  Don  Rich Merwin  Johnnie Wilson

1st Round
 Johnnie-Rich  Johnnie-Rich end  Courtney-Don  Courtney-Don end  Dennis-Maggie  Dennis-Maggie end

2nd Round
 Courtney-Johnnie  Courtney-Johnnie end  Joe-Dennis  Joe-Dennis end
scto2-Courtney-Johnnie.mp4   640w X 480h   30036 Kb
scto2-Courtney-Johnnie.mpg   320w X 240h   20902 Kb
scto2-Courtney-Johnnie.avi   640w X 480h   146716 Kb

3rd Round | Final Round
 Joe-Courtney  Joe-Courtney end
scto2-Joe-Courtney.mp4   640w X 480h   9289 Kb
scto2-Joe-Courtney.mpg   320w X 240h   6.06Mb
scto2-Joe-Courtney.avi   640w X 480h   44.4Mb

 Maggie prizes  Joe prizes  Courtney prizes  Joe Maggie Luke

The winners names are in the 2015-05-14 Thu Thrifty Nickel page 17 column 1 & online :

Snoop supports this Chess Tournament because he met Dr Shabazz .
He cannot attend but will send some items for the Players !
 Snoop Lion / Dogg
Unfortunately , the items were not received in time .

My cousin Eileen has donated these books to give away at the Chess Tournament :
 Chess Books
The top placing ladies get the 1st choice of the 5 books , followed by the top placing men .
[ Maggie , Joe , Courtney , Don ]

 11 in 1 game
The 1st Place lady got the 11 in 1 game set .
[ Maggie ]

This pen was given to all the Players .
It can be purchased at :

The fee to play is $20.00 , $5.00 for ladies .
These fees help with the prizes .
No charge for spectators but you must purchase something from the establishment .
Luke is providing the space at no charge .

The 1st 3 Players got a $20.00 gift card for the Culprit Cafe .
[ Maggie , Joe , Courtney ]

16th & Farnam
Photographs I took :

  9:00am   Breakfast
10:00am   Registration
11:20am   Play begins


12 inch Trophy
 1st Place Trophy
The 1st Place Player can have their name engraved on the trophy for $15.00 at CenterTrophy.net

I bought 10 tickets for my Players to see " The Avengers: Age Of Ultron (141 minutes)" at the Midtown Marcus Sat 2nd May 3:10pm :

Marcus Midtown has an extensize Menu , you can order by pressing the Blue Button at your seat :

Garage Parking is free 1st 3 hours   3201 Farnam   (402) 345-0102   map :

We were in seats HH1 - HH12 .
I arrived before 2:00pm .
The VIP "Vue Lounge" on the 4th floor was open for us .
Went to the seats at 3:00pm .

 Marcus Vue 1  1000w X 750h  4320w X 3240h  Marcus Vue 2  1000w X 750h  4320w X 3240h  Marcus Vue 3  1000w X 750h  4320w X 3240h  Marcus Vue 4  1000w X 750h  4320w X 3240h  Marcus Vue 5  1000w X 750h  4320w X 3240h  Marcus Vue 6  1000w X 750h  4320w X 3240h  Marcus Vue 7  1000w X 750h  4320w X 3240h

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