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In Honor of my Granny :  Irene

The LeGras Chess Tournament Omaha 2012
was held at
Used Books in the Market | 517 S 13th St [ Jackson ]
[ 13thStreetCoffeeAndTea.com ]
[ Maps.Yahoo.com ]
Sunday May 6th

4 Sponsors:
 Dr Shabazz

Will Colligan won 1st Place   $300.00
Joe Knapp won 2nd Place   $100.00
Kevin McGee won 3rd Place   $50.00
Alex Hotchkiss won the $25.00 Gift card as the 1st Lady

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The names of the 3 Winners and the 4 Sponsors are in the May 13th Sunday Omaha World Herald main section page 4.
 Sunday Omaha World Herald
The names of the 3 Winners are in the May 10th Thrifty Nickel [ American Classifieds ] page 2.
The names and 1st Place photograph will also be in the Internet Edition :
[ TNOL.com ]

 Will Colligan 1st  Joe Knapp 2nd  Kevin McGee 3rd  Michael Tilloton  Jason Fry  Jacob Wagner  Alek Erickson  Warren Hunter  Stacy Robinson  Tyler Cotten  Jeremy Gruber  Matt Buckley  Alex Hotchkiss 1st Lady  Justin Swason  Jason Curtis

Alessio De Cesare is the Manager of Used Books in the Market
More pictures here : [ lctoubm.htm ]
 Alessio De Cesare

lcto-FinalMatch.mpg   640w X 480h   33180 Kb   0:40
lcto-FinalMatch.mp4   640w X 480h   11167 Kb   0:51
lcto-FinalMatch.avi   640w X 480h   55605 Kb   0:51
 Final Match video

lcto-Trophy.mpg   640w X 480h   19400 Kb   0:24
lcto-Trophy.mp4   640w X 480h   11738 Kb   0:55
lcto-Trophy.avi   640w X 480h   60216 Kb   0:55

LeGras Poster :
 LeGras 13th Flyer

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