The Myrtle Chess Tournament Omaha 2022
Saturday June 4th 2022
at the International Cafe [ IC.htm ]


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This Chess Tournament is dedicated to Myrtle H Johnson Hudlin (1895 - 1989)
My Grandmother

This would have been my big brother's 75th birthday .
Gregory Hayze Rhodes was a great Chess Player and The Master Strategist !
The 6th would have been Big Mo's 60th birthday .
Maurice Anthony Wade Jr

 Chad Biglow 1st place  1000w X 1333h  1536w X 2048h
1st Place $300.00 Chad Biglow won Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual by Mark Dvoretsky

 Prentiss Butler 2nd place  1000w X 1333h  1536w X 2048h
2nd Place $200.00 Prentiss Butler won Art of Attack in Chess by Vladimir Vukovic

 Jesse Zogorski 3rd place  1000w X 1333h  1536w X 2048h
3rd Place $100.00 Jesse Zogorski won Chess Fundamentals by Jose Raul Capablanca
I also gave Jesse a Chess Clock

 Annaleesa Rogers 4th place  1000w X 1333h  1536w X 2048h
4th Place $100.00 Annaleesa Rogers won Winning Chess Tactics by Yasser Seirawan

 Prentiss defeated Annaleesa  1000w X 750h  2048w X 1536h
Prentiss defeated Annaleesa

 Chad defeated Jesse  1000w X 750h  2048w X 1536h
Chad defeated Jesse
m3cto-JesseChad.mp4   20 seconds   640w X 480h

 Chad defeated Prentiss  1000w X 750h  2048w X 1536h
Chad defeated Prentiss

 Chad Biglow defeated Prentiss Butler  1000w X 750h  2048w X 1536h
Chad Biglow defeated Prentiss Butler

m3cto-ChadPrentiss1.mp4   48 seconds   640w X 480h
m3cto-ChadPrentiss2.mp4   55 seconds   640w X 480h
m3cto-ChadPrentiss.mp4   29:51   480w X 320h

 Vera 2020 Chess Set & Clock  1000w X 750h  5152w X 3864h
I gave to Mihir Maruvada a chess clock and chess set with silicon board and quadruple weight pieces .
Mitra Maruvada has a chess clock and chess set I previously gave so now both Youth Chess Players have them .

 Angelina & Jamillah  1000w X 1333h  1536w X 2048h
Angelina & Jamillah
I gave Angelina a $25.00 gift card and I gave Jamillah (owner) a $50.00 gift card

The Myrtle Hudlin Chess Tournament Announcement will appear in the Omaha World Herald
2022-06-10 Fri   Sports C5
2022-06-11 Sat   Sports C6
2022-06-12 Sun   Homes & Money D9

I need Chess Players to be here before 4:00pm or this will be postponed until 2022-08-06 Sat
Only Chess Players here before 4:00pm are eligible to win prizes
I had to give $1900.00 away somewhere else before the Vera Menchik Chess Tournament because of 0 registrations
I wanted to have 2 $1000.00 1st Place Prizes for the Myrtle Hudlin Chess Tournament but because of only 1 registration the $2000.00 had to go somewhere else

Chess Players can email me to register : rich.htm

Prizes depend on the registrations .
Jesse Zogorski is the 1st to register by email for the Myrtle Chess Tournament Omaha 2022 and has the right to play white for all his games .

So far :
$200.00   1st Place
$100.00   2nd Place
$100.00   1st Place Lady
$100.00   1st Place Youth
$100.00   1st Place Young Lady

Chess Books I am giving away :
 Myrtle Chess Tournament Omaha 2022 4 Chess Books  1000w X 1300h  2448w X 3264h

DVDs I will give away to registered Chess Players after the Myrtle Chess Tournament Omaha 2022
  1. Avatar [2009] IMDb
  2. The Avengers [2012] [DVD + Blu-Ray 3D] IMDb
  3. Battle in Seattle [2007] IMDb
  4. Blade Runner [1982] IMDb
  5. The Bone Collector [1999] IMDb
  6. The Book of Eli [2010] IMDb
  7. Capitalism: A Love Story [2009] IMDb
  8. Circus [2000] IMDb
  9. Cloverfield [2008] IMDb
  10. Dark Star [1974] IMDb
  11. Enemy at the Gates [2001] IMDb
  12. The Expendables [2010] IMDb
  13. Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer [2007] IMDb
  14. Funny Games [2007] IMDb
  15. Hannibal [2001] IMDb
  16. The Hunt for the BTK Killer [2005] IMDb
  17. Jack Reacher [2012] IMDb
  18. The Last Horror Movie [2003] IMDb
  19. No Country for Old Men [2007] IMDb
  20. The Rival [2006] IMDb
  21. Saving Private Ryan [1998] IMDb
  22. Saw II [2005] IMDb
  23. Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith [2005] IMDb
  24. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen [2009] IMDb
  25. Tropix [2004] IMDb
  26. Videodrome [1983] IMDb
  27. Ultraviolet [BluRay] [2006] IMDb
  28. Underworld [2003] IMDb
  29. V for Vendetta [2005] IMDb
  30. Zodiak [2007] IMDb

These previously appeared in the Omaha world Herald :
 Omaha World Herald announcement in the ad section
 Sunday Omaha World Herald 12th June  Sunday Omaha World Herald 8th May

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